Valve cover gasket replacement Volkswagen Passat B6 1.6 (BSE)

Engine & Drivetrain





Guide to the valve cover gasket replacement on VAG 1.6l R4 engine (BSE)

Required parts

1. Gasket 2. Antifreeze

Unplug car battery, detach all pipes, connectors and cables from the intake manifold. Remove air pipe by detaching it from the choker, filler neck and air filter case. Detach all pipes leading to the choker and remove it by unscrewing 4 bolts holding it to the intake manifold.

Intake manifold consists of two parts: bottom part with injectors is attached to the block and the top part, which we should remove in order to get to the valve cover

To remove the top part of intake manifold we should unscrew 2 self attack screws and decouple 2 clutches on the sides, unscrew 3 bolts holding manifold to the block head

Plug intake pipes so the dirt and debris wont get inside and clean up the junctor line between valve cover and block head

Unscrew 8 torx bolts and remove the valve cover

Clean up the cover and gasket housing, install new gasket

Assemble everything in reversed order

Should you face any difficulties attaching top part of the intake manifold to the bottom part, loosen 8 bolts holding the latter to the block head

Start the engine and add antifreeze to the advised level


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