Turbo replacement on VW Passat B5 1.8T

Engine & Drivetrain





Guide on how to remove turbo from the 1.8T VW engine


Do not for get to drain antifreeze before removing cooling pipes from the turbo

Required tools

1. Wrenches 2. Hex keys 3. Screwdrivers

To get to the turbo detach all electrical connectors, disassemble air filter and remove its case

Unscrew 3 bolts holding exhaust pipe and detach it

Detach antifreeze and oil outlet pipes

Unscrew hex bolt holding metal pipe to the turbo

Unscrew hex bolts holding oil drain pipe on the bottom of the turbo

Unscrew hex bolt holding feed pipe to the block

Detach air pipes and connection hose from the turbo

Loosen ring clamp and pull an air pipe off the westgate actuator valve

Unscrew 3 bolts holding turbo to the exhaust manifold and remove it


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