Timing belt replacement on D15B

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Guide on replacing timing belt on D15B engine. Vehicle used in example images is EK3 civic.


You can replace belt without pit or lift, if you have enough wrench extensions to get lever arm outside of the wheel arch.

Required parts

Timing belt(orig. UNITTA), Belt tension roller(orig. KOYO), Camshaft seal, Crankshaft seal, Valve cover gasket, Spark plug well seals, Sealant.

Required tools

Crank pulley holder tool.

So here is self made crank pulley holder tool and all the parts used.

Jack up and remove left front wheel. Remove valve cover, old gasket, spark plugs and timing belt cover.

Pull out dipsticks tube by hands, it is just tightly sticked into block, flat screw driver might help. Then rotate the crankshaft pulley using a socket, until you will find top dead center. UP mark on the camshaft should be faced straight up.(Rotate the engine only counter-clock wise!)

Slide the jack under the engine pan, and slightly jack it up to get some pressure off of left engine mounts. Unscrew the mounting bracket of upper left engine mount, you will need here some long sockets. Remove bottom engine mount completely, and change it to new if its worn out.

Loose the bolts holding engines auxiliaries and take off all the belts (generator, air conditioner and power steering). Its better to loosen both generators bolts. Its easier to reach bottom bolt if you lower your engine a bit on the jack, this way its also easier to reach air conditioner belts tensioners roller.

Now the most important part, insert crank pulley holder tool into well and let it rest on something, for example on the floor. Then assemble this kind of thing from wrench extensions.

Put something under the extensions so its easier to push, extend your wrench with some pipe if its not long enough, and with abrupt move loosen the crankshafts pulley bolt.

Carefully take out the pulley and dont lose pulleys key.

Remove bottom cam belt covers bolts and remove the cover. Loosen cam belt rollers bolt, and if there is crankshaft position sensor, remove it. Remove belt, belts pulley, roller, and dont lose rollers spring.

Remove crankshafts seal with flat screwdriver hooking it from the inner side.

Unscrew camshafts pulley, by fixating it with some screwdriver through the hole by the block.

Take out the camshafts seal. Insert new seals. Lubricate them with some motor oil and push them at first with your hands, then for example with wrench.

Place the camshaft pulley back to its place, and dont forget to put back the plastic cover if you took it off. Arrange the camshaft and the crankshaft by the marks. (Marks are on the left and right side of the camshaft. On images they are highlighted with black marker. Marks must be on the same level with blocks head.).

Put back the timing belts roller and the spring. Dont tighten the bolt to the end, roller must move easily.

Put on the new belt, and watch that the part of the belt moving the camshaft is tightened, so that the marks move synchronously. Now when the belt is temporarily in place, install the crankshaft pulley with the key, and the bottom cover of the timing belt. Rotate the crankshaft for two full turnovers(counter clock wise), so that the UP mark is again facing up. Arrange the crankshaft pulley by the marks and check if camshafts marks is in the right positions, if not, move the belt and repeat the procedure.

After the marks is aligned and the engine is in the top dead center, tighten the belt: The current mechanism is self-regulating 1. Tensioner rollers bolt must be loose 2. Take off the bottom cover of the timing belt, and put the pulley and the key in their places but dont fasten them 3. With crank pulley holder tool rotate the crankshaft pulley by the 3-4 teeths 4. Fasten the timing belt tensioner rollers bolt. The belt is now tightened up with the force of rollers spring. Take out the pulley and dont lose the key. Put back the crankshaft position sensor, timing belts bottom cover, crankshafts pulley and tighten the bolt on it with the same system you removed it. Check again for the marks to be aligned properly. Reassemble everything in reverse order.

Install new spark plug well seals on your valve cover.

Put your new valve cover gasket on your valve cover, and some sealant into corners. Install valve cover, engine mounts, dipsticks tube, all the belts, everything else and remove the jack. If everything else is in place, bolt on the spark plugs and start the engine! Its recommended to check ignition timing after timing belt is replaced.


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