Replacement of timing belt on VW 1.6 BSE

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Timing belt replacement guide on volkswagen's 1.6 BSE/BSF/CCSA engine.

Required tools

Special tool for tensioning the belt(T 10020)

Remove engines cover, just pull by the corners. The belt is located on the right side under the covers.

Remove the ribbed belt, by pulling a tension roller and fixating it with something(for example a nail).

Unscrew 3 13mm bolts and remove tension roller.(part no.06A903315E)

Remove upper cover of the timing belt, by rotating locks button on the side to OPEN position.(continues in next step)

You also have to press on two clipses and then pull up and a little bit on yourself.

Now we have to move on side or completely remove(if you drained your washer fluid) windshield washer fluids expansion tank, refill tube and the active carbon filter. Unscrew 3 screws behind the expansion tank, remove hoses if you need, and place it to side.

Active carbon filter is held in three points, two bolts and a nut.

The windshield washer fluids refill tube is held by one bolt.

Tie everything to side.

Jack up front right side of the car, and take off the wheel. Remove front plastic fender liner, which is held by several torx screws.

Now you should see the crankshafts pulley.

Remove the steel bracket seen in the image(2 13mm bolts)

Carefully slide the jack underneath the engine pan, and slightly jack it up to get some pressure off of right engine mount.

Now we can start removing the engine bracket. You will need 16 and 18 sockets. Start by removing cushions support, which is held by 4 bolts.

After the 4 bolts is unscrewed, remove the support.

Now the bracket. It is held by 3 bolts, 2 on the upside and 1 on the bottom, also one bolt is shorter than others, so remember where the shorter one belongs. There shouldn't be any problems in removing the bottom and the front upper bolts, but the back upper bolt is a bit harder.

After loosening the bottom bolt, lower the engine until you can get out the bolt.

Now raise the engine as high as you can. Remove the upper front bolt.

Removed bracket is on the right.

Now that there is nothing blocking, remove the middle cover of the timing belt(3 torx T-27 bolts).

Now you can see the water pump, you should change it if it has any play or leakages, it is held only by 3 10mm bolts.

Now the belt itself. Remove the bottom pulley, which is held by 4 allen bolts. They are pretty tight, you can stick in first gear and prevent the wheel from spinning like in the image.

After the pulley is removed, unscrew some more bolts and remove the last bottom cover of the belt.

Now align the upper mark on the camshaft.

Now you can take out the belt. Loosen the nut and remove it, remove the belt and the roller. From now on, try not to rotate any of shafts, so that valves and pistons won't collide.

Now the installing of the belt. Bear in mind that if you are facing the sprockets, right rotation direction is clock-wise.

Put the tension roller on its place in minimal tension position, and slightly fixate it with a nut in this position. Then install the belt, starting from the bottom sprocket of the crankshaft. Install the bottom cover of the belt.

Install the pulley. The pin on the sprocket ensures that the pulley is installed in correct position.

One more time check the upper and the bottom timing marks. Mark on the pulley should be exactly next to the mark on the bottom cover.

Align the camshafts marks.

Pull the belt on the water pumps sprocket, then on the camshaft. This is a hard part, you might want to pull the belt on at the same time with the tension roller. Be careful and don't let the camshafts sprocket rotate too much so that the valves don't collide with the pistons.

On the tension roller there is a stopper bracket, which has to get in this recess on the block.

Carefully rotate crankshaft for a couple of rounds, and check if the marks on the shafts are aligned, if not, take out the belt off the camshaft and put it back again and repeat the procedure.

Loosen the tensioners nut, and with the special tool(T 10020), turn tensioner five times counter clock-wise till the end and back clock-wise till the other end, to get belt sitting on its place. Turn tensioner counter clock-wise until the pointer is aligned with the notch(mirror might help to see).

Tighten the nut to 20-23Nm. Rotate the crankshaft for two rounds to the TDC, last 45° smoothly without stopping. Ensure that the timing marks are aligned. Ensure that the pointer is aligned with the notch, if not, repeat the tensioning procedure. Apply firm thumb pressure to belt, pointer and notch must move apart. Rotate the crankshaft again for two rounds to the TDC(last 45° smoothly without stopping) and check that all the marks is aligned.

Now you can install everything else back in reverse order.


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