How to replace front brake pads

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The proper work of car brake system is very important for the driver safety. That's why you should change your brake pads on time. So, it's time to change the brake pads for my car...


When replacing the brake pad on the left-hand - turn the steering wheel left. When replacing the brake pad on the right-hand - turn the steering wheel right.

Required parts

Replacement brake pads

Required tools

1.Floor jack 2.Socket wrench set 3.Hammer 4.Screwdriver

Unscrew the wheel.

Lift a car using a floor jack.

Put the wheel under the threshold for safety. If the car falls - this wheel will save your life.

Open the hood and remove the brake fluid cap for venting the system.

Check the caliper.

Unscrew the top bolt. All parts were rusted, so i decided to use the lubrication.

Unscrew the bottom bolt.

Remove the caliper. Take the screwdriver and place it between the old brake pad and the rotor. Spread the pads apart as far as they'll go. Set the caliper aside.

Taking the old pads off the caliper.

Replace the brake pads.

Put the caliper on place.

When the caliper in place, put threadlocker on the bolts, and tight them.

Put the wheel and do the same operation on the other side.

Finally, start engine and press the brake pedal repeatedly. When it's done, take a slow drive around the block to test it and get used to the brake response.


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