Clutch replacement on VW Passat B5 1.6 (AHL) Manual

Engine & Drivetrain





Guide to gear box removal and clutch replacement on VW Passat B5

Required parts

1. Clutch disk 2. Clutch release bearing

Required tools

You will need a car lift or service pit

Remove all interfering parts like air pipes from the air filter and coolant tank

Remove engine undershield

Unscrew bolts and detach exhaust pipe from the "Y" pipe

Unscrew bolts holding exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold

Unscrew the connecting clamp on the other side of exhaust pipe and remove it

Unscrew and remove gearbox covers

Unscrew clutch release cylinder, detach 2 connectors from the gearbox and draw it aside so it wont interfere with gearbox removal

Unscrew all bolts around holding gearbox to the block, leave one bolt to prevent gearbox from detaching prematurely (on the photo gearbox and flywheel had already been removed, green arrows point bolts that hold starter)

You may leave starter attached to the block

Unscrew and detach transmission linkage

Loosen bolts holding wheel drives to the gearbox, then loosen bolts on gearbox mounts, only now undo bolts holding wheel drives, detach them and draw it aside. Warning: Put a lift jack under the gearbox to support it

Undo bolts holding gearbox mounts and remove them. Now we are ready to remove the gearbox (Better proceed with this operation with a help)

Remove clutch basket and flywheel if needed

Replace clutch release bearing if needed

Install a flywheel, new basket and clutch disk (I used an old gear shaft to center them)

Assemble everything in reverse order


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