Choker cleaning and air filter change VW Golf 4 / VW Bora 1.6 AUS

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A guide to choker cleaning and air filter change on VAG1.6l R4 (AUS) engine

Required parts

1. Air filter 2. Choker cleaner 3. Gasket seal p/n 036129625H

Required tools

1. Hex key 2. Flat screwdriver 3. Philips screwdriver 4. 22 mm wrench

Unscrew 4 hex bolts and remove engine cover

Unscrew 6 screws and pull off a hose pipe on the left

After removing the cover and old air filter we see this

To get to the choker we should unscrew two self-attack screws holding an air pipe. Unscrew two hex drives pointed by single arrows. Unscrew an 22 mm bolt underneath the air inlet case pointed by two arrows. You should upbear the case a little in order to reach the bolt by the key.

Remove the air inlet case

To remove the choker we should unscrew 4 internal hexagons, then remove socket connector pointed by the arrow by pressing on the tip and pulling it of

Remove the choker

Carefully clean it up

Put it back on it's place

I'd recommend to install a new gasket seal between choker and air inlet case

Assemble everything in reverse order


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